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I have decided to write my reviews as part of my Ample Blaze website. I have put the movie and TV show reviews under different categories.

Well now that the latest update has been advised lets get straight to the point of the latest season of Shameless Season 8 on Netflix.

This Season we take a seat and strap in once again to the Gallagher Roller-coaster. There are so many wild turns from what Frank gets up too and advocating for Liam and Frank actually working and other strange elements is that due to another major aspect of Season 7 and how that ends he goes through a mental Benjamin Button aging process that Frank goes through.

We see a lot of progress and even more character development for the younger cast members Carl gets a crazy girlfriend that is super clingy. I am not going into great details as I do not want to spoil it for you all...

The aspect I loved most this season Liam's character got to speak more and do more this season.

Fiona's character has moved to the upper slums and become a lady of business and funnily enough a landlord. The craziness of what occurs for her in that situation is wild you have to watch the season till the very end.

As always this is no kids show and adults should watch it if they can handle it. oh and on a side note this season becomes spiritual. LOL

Watch IT!!

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